Meet the Photographer....

" From the very start of this endeavor in 2012, my mission has always been clear,  to capture every moment each client experiences right in front of their very eyes and to cherish it for a lifetime. 

 Over the years, I have been fortunate to have engaged my passion of art through photography, while developing many new friendships along the way.

My family and I have been grateful to have lived in a small town community such as Grays Harbor our whole lives. With that, I want to ensure that you can enjoy everything that is beautiful about this area, through the lens of my camera!

At Pamela Pelan Photography, I am focused on providing specialized photography services with the highest levels of customer satisfaction and will do everything I can to meet your expectations.  I focus on the simple things in life like a quick wink, friendly smile and what my customer is envisioning for the time we spend together.

I look forward to meeting you so call me today and we will get your session scheduled! "

Pamela Pelan

" My goal for all of my clients is to create a relaxing, fun experience while capturing expressive

and emotional images to treasure forever."